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The Insider’s Guide to Rocking the American Advertising Awards

After a year of drafting, creating, and executing your advertising, it is time to nail the 2021 AAF Madison American Advertising Awards.  Contrary to a brainstorming session, prepping your submissions for the awards show and rocking the entry process should not cause a headache.

Follow these 5 easy steps to rock the 2021 American Advertising Awards

1) Review the Categories & Pick your creative

    • Look through the 63 different categories and identify ones that you have completed work within.  Invite team members to suggest top creative executions and ads that have run in the year 2020. Your “New” creative should have unique headlines and body copy from previous advertising if they share the same imagery.  


2) Prep your entry

    • Once your advertising is selected and entered in the contest, you will need to prepare the entry for judging.  Since no physical submissions are required for this year's contest, pay special attention to the entry process for when you can add additional supporting documents. 

3) Buy your ticket

    • After your entry is dropped off, it’s time to prep for the show.  Buy yourself, your team, your friends, your family and anyone you want to attend the awards show with a ticket to the main event.  An evening of anticipation, comradery, and celebration awaits!

4) Prep for the virtual event

    • Whether you are celebrating or commiserating, snacks & drinks are a must.  Coordinate a safe, socially distanced watch party or start up an internal zoom with your coworkers to have some commradary during the virtual event.  Also make sure your address is updated for the goodie box to be delivered for the special night!  

5) Share your excitement on social

    • Entering the American Advertising Awards is a BIG DEAL.  Share your excitement on social with friends and invite them to support you at the awards show.  Use the hashtags #AFFMadison #2021AAAMadison and tag us @AAFMadison in your posts. Who knows, your post just may be called out during our virutal awards program.

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