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The Insider’s Guide to Rocking the ADDYs

After a year of drafting, creating, and executing your advertising, it is time to nail the 2020 AAF Madison American Advertising Awards.  Contrary to a brainstorming session, prepping your submissions for the awards show and rocking the entry process should not cause a headache.

Follow these 5 easy steps to rock the 2020 American Advertising Awards

1) Review the Categories & Pick your creative

    • Look through the 63 different categories and identify ones that you have completed work within.  Invite team members to suggest top creative executions and ads that have run in the year 2019. Your “New” creative should have unique headlines and body copy from previous advertising if they share the same imagery.  


2) Prep your entry

    • Once your advertising is selected and entered in the contest, you will need to prepare the entry for judging.  Make sure to include a physical copy of the entry (minus digital/online category entries) and entry form (2 copies).  Still have questions? Check out this How To.
    • Select categories allow for written or digital (video) summaries to accompany the submission.  Utilize this extra opportunity to tell the judges why your submission deserves a gold. Categories with that can have a summary include: Guerilla Marketing, Campaigns, Installations, Events & Logo Design.
    • All entries must be dropped off at Adam’s Outdoor on January 9th or 10th for judging.

3) Buy your ticket

    • After your entry is dropped off, it’s time to prep for the show.  Buy yourself, your team, your friends, your family and anyone you want to attend the awards show with a ticket to the main event.  An evening of anticipation, comradery, and celebration awaits!

4) Plan to attend the after party

    • Whether you are celebrating or commiserating, an after party is the best way to end the awards night.  Join fellow attendees at the official after party hosted at the Great Dane Downtown. Meet up with friends and colleagues for a drink, some food, and a whole lot of laughter.

5) Share your excitement on social

    • Entering the American Advertising Awards is a BIG DEAL.  Share your excitement on social with friends and invite them to support you at the awards show.  

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