The Lois Weiland Excellence in Service Award

Also known as the Weilys, this award is given annually in honor of Lois Weiland, the executive director of AAF Madison for more than 25 years. Lois was the life blood that flowed through AAF Madison. Tireless in fulfilling her duties from fundraising to membership to ADDYs to 8th District to National and everything in between, Lois was the first one there and the last to leave. We were lucky to have a dedicated soul like Lois.

The Weily award is given to a current or past member of AAF Madison who has made outstanding contributions to the club. The nominee’s distinguished service to should be over a considerable period of time and reflect efforts above and beyond the call of duty.

The nominee must:

  • Work or have worked in advertising, marketing, creative or PR fields.
  • Currently be or have been actively involved in AAF at the local, district or national level.
  • Exhibit similar qualities of devotion to duty and member service, as well as furthering the club’s educational programming and award program as were reflected in Lois Weiland’s career with AAF Madison.
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership by providing guidance and strategic planning for AAF Madison to achieve their mission and goals, and lead the Club to growth.

Please have the following information available to nominate a worthy candidate:

  • Nominee name, current title, and business affiliation.
  • A summary of significant contributions the nominee made to the advancement of the goals of AAF Madison and the advertising industry.
  • A brief summary of the nominee’s business career.
  • Other relative information you would like to share.
  • Name, current title, business affiliation, phone number and email of person submitting the nomination.

About Lois Weiland...

If you've ever spent any time with the American Advertising Federation, you connected with the enthusiastic smile of Lois Weiland. As Executive Director for over 25 years, Lois was the life blood that flowed through AAF Madison. Tireless in fulfilling her duties from fundraising to membership to ADDYs to 8th District to National and everything in between, Lois was the first one there and the last to leave. We were lucky to have a dedicated soul like Lois, who planned her vacations and trips around critical AAF functions, and who never missed a meeting in over 25 years!

Because of her ability to instantly connect with people and promote AAF, Lois helped maintain and grow our membership during her tenure. She was a fearless fundraiser in attaining everything necessary to run a successful association including volunteers, sponsorships and donations. While the Board of Directors and committee members change after every election, Lois was the trusted constant source of information and organization. It is fitting to honor Lois and her contributions to AAF Madison by naming this Excellence in Service Award The Weily after her.

All nominations are presented to the Excellence in Service Committee for selection by secret ballot.

Congratulations to 2018 Weily Award Winner Andrea Barber

Congratulations to Andrea Barber, the 2018 AAF Madison Lois Weiland Excellence in Service Award Recipient. We will present Andrea with The Weily at our September 17th Meeting. We hope you can join us to help congratulate and celebrate with Andrea.

A bit more about Andrea....

Andrea currently owns Apothecary, adarling little boutique agency. JUST DARLING. Curing your marketing ills is the slogan. Get it? Apothecary – curing ills. Oh, never mind. Its full service-y and does just about everything. Because of course it does.

Andrea, who is really quite okay once you get to know her, started her career in advertising with Dick Zillman at Zillman Advertising. Shout out to Shan Roth McConnell for recruiting Andrea into the stress-less life and times of the advertising world. Dick Zillman was an awesome first advertising and creative boss and the one who brought Andrea into the dark world of the American Advertising Federation. From Zillman Advertising Andrea moved to Bensman Advertising. Brad Bensman was a true inspiration in his enthusiasm for teaching Andrea about how customer service and advertising mesh. Brad provided Andrea ample opportunity to flourish both in advertising and in providing service back to the advertising and marketing communities. At Waldbilling and Besteman – Advertising Kingpin ™, Michael Knapstein led Andrea down the road of business to business advertising and was, and is, perhaps the single most encouraging man on the planet.

Andrea was the American Advertising Federation Overlord from 2011-2012 AND 2012-2013; the opportunity to lead AAF Madison for two years was an absolute pleasure and one that she looks back on fondly. Can she provide you with any simple numbers of how she grew the membership or the ADDY count, no. Can she show you how the meetings were increased or how the club made more money – surely you jest. But indeed, she was able to keep the Madison club from going by way of the fax machine. One might say without Andrea stepping in, sighing dramatically, and simply taking over the club that exists today would not be here. The one that would say that is probably Andrea. And no one else. HA HA HA. Andrea is, once again, on a two-year jag of leadership – this time at our district level. Andrea is on her second year of being the Dictator for Life – oh em – Governor of District 8. Andrea is the first governor from our club since the early 90s. Will she run for national AAF leadership – who knows.

In Andrea’s spare time she is well occupied with her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, her daughter’s rowing team and driving her daughter all about Madison. Did you know her daughter is the youngest recipient of an ADDY award? IT'S TRUE. She also manages to hang out with her quasi AAF Member husband Dave. Ask him about AAF. He can tell you ALL ABOUT IT. It would be a DAMN SHAME if Andrea forgot to mention her brother Eric (which she did on the first draft - a fact he knows. And will likely remind her for the remainder of her days.) Eric was a bit of all right as brother and 100% totally righteous as an advertising (and musical influence and taking his underage sister to nightclubs) mentor. To this day, she looks to him for compass pointing on all things advertising. Andrea is so totally over the moon and appreciative of receiving this award!

Past Silver Weily Award Winners

2017 Norm Lorenz